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At a modern horticultural business, there are many installations and materials in use. For these technical installations as well you are welcome at Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects. As a turn-key specialist, we have knowledge of the entire range of installations. The choice is yours: are you looking for an innovative system with the latest technical capabilities? Or are you looking for a used installation, with the same reliability but with a lower purchase price? As we dismantle a lot of complete projects, we have a broad assortment of used installations too. Do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities.


Computer systems

Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects offers all imaginable automation systems for your greenhouse. Ranging from computers to workplace automation, from all famous brands such as Priva and Hoogendoorn. 



Substrate units and systems

We can provide a complete substrate unit or system. We can provide you expert advice concerning each part of the system. Besides, at the same time you are assured of perfect installation and commissioning.


Water tanks

Would you like to use rain water as a basis for the irrigation water in your company? Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects can also deliver and install the water tank for you. Ranging from the smallest surfaces to the largest tanks, we make sure your water system works properly.


Horticultural machinery

Every machine that is used in a horticultural company can be ordered at Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects. It comes with expert advice. Moreover, we usually have a good range of used machinery which still operates reliably.


Sorting machines

We can give expert advice concerning all types of sorting machinery. Every crop and every company has its own specific demands and requirements. Tomato, cucumber, paprika or roses? We make the right offer in twofold: for a completely new and reconditioned machine.


Electical pipe-rail trolleys

Are you going to use pipe-rail trolleys for the harvest of maintenance of your crop? We can deliver the right pipe-rail system. Electrical pipe-rail trolleys with single, double or triple hydraulic scissors, but also spray and manual harvest trolleys.



In case you want to ensure the power supply – and therewith the continuity of your company – a reliable aggregate is not a luxury but a necessity. Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects can deliver that aggregate, both new and used and one that suits the power supply needed by your company.


Growing systems

For crops that require special systems, you will find exactly what you need at Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects. Hanging gutter systems for growing vegetables or systems for roses and gerberas: we know the market and guarantee the optimal integration of the system in your greenhouse.


Assimilation lighting

A lot of crops require lighting, others first require a thorough investigation to weigh out the costs and benefits. Want to be sure you will have the right installation with sufficient returns? Including correct assembly and integration in your greenhouse? Then choose security by choosing Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects.


Text proposal 'Solarsystems'


Efficient solar-solutions for your energy management

The efficiency of solar panels has continued to rise the past couple of years. That is why solar panels are an efficient solution for your energy needs. There are countless possibilities. Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects can provide you with expert advice about the right investment to make, tailored to your business situation. The placing of solar panels integrated in the roof of your greenhouse makes it possible to get a substantial part of your energy need from ‘free’ resources.


On your existing roof or integrated

We offer you the possibility to mount the panels on the existing roof of your greenhouse or to make use of a specially developed roof with integrated panels. With reliable computer programs we calculate your expected returns and the optimal orientation towards the sun. This provides you with certainty concerning your investment and enables you to make a thoughtful decision. Solar panels have already proven to be excellent replacements of natural resources in numerous countries.

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