An effective organization

Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects has all important fields of expertise in-house, from project consultation to execution. At the same time we are very proud of our compact team. It has clear advantages such as short, direct lines and no needless layers. Our employees have a practical approach and speak the ‘horticultural’ language. Besides, we are still a real family business. A business with loyal employees, who understand that standards are being raised continuously. Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects has a strong team, with the experience to realize complete projects.

Flexible and reliable at the same time

Working with Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects is therefore a pleasure. We are flexible in our cooperation and reliable in our agreements. That is why subcontractors and suppliers in many different countries enjoy doing business with us. With the input from experts in many different fields, we are able to carry out your project completely, anywhere in the world. Our in-house transport services increase the strength of our company. Our focus on the future is evident in our move to our completely new office building, situated at the same location in Bergschenhoek.

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