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  • Greenhouse for tomato production in Australia

    Greenhouse for tomato production in Australia

    Land: Australia Oberfläche: 15.000 m² Product: Tomato's
  • Greenhouse for anthuriums in Naples Italy

    Greenhouse for anthuriums in Naples Italy

    Land: Italy Oberfläche: 44.000 m² Product: Greenhouse for anthuriums in Naples Italy
  • Project Svetly

    Project Svetly

    Land: Russia Oberfläche: 5.000 m² Product:
  • Project King's Lynn

    Project King's Lynn

    Land: United Kingdom Oberfläche: 6.000 m² Product: Hanging plants
  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia

    Land: Saudi Arabia Oberfläche: 2.500 m² Product: -
  • Solar panels

    Solar panels

    Land: Netherlands Oberfläche: 800 m² Product: solar panels
  • Heating Storage

    Heating Storage

    Land: Kazakhstan Oberfläche: 4.000 m² Product: Roses
  • Germany


    Land: Germany Oberfläche: 1.250 m² Product: Diverse plants
  • De Vreede Orchideeën

    De Vreede Orchideeën

    Land: Netherlands Oberfläche: 967 m² Product: Orchids
  • Russia


    Land: Russia Oberfläche: 20.000 m² Product: -
  • Solar energy project

    Solar energy project

    Land: Germany Oberfläche: 10.000 m² Product: solar panels
  • Mexico


    Land: Mexico Oberfläche: 12.000 m² Product: Installations
  • Balkan


    Land: Balkan Oberfläche: 18.000 m² and 20.000 m² Product: Tomato's
  • Middle East

    Middle East

    Land: Middle East Oberfläche: 1.400 m² Product: -
  • France


    Land: France Oberfläche: 14.000 m² Product: Pot plants
  • Ukraine


    Land: Ukraine Oberfläche: 32.500 m² Product: -
  • Bulgaria


    Land: Bulgary Oberfläche: 10.000 m² Product: Herbs
  • West-Friesland Plant

    West-Friesland Plant

    Land: Netherlands Oberfläche: 672 m² Product: Plant retail
  • Australia


    Land: Australia Oberfläche: 300 m³ Product: Heat storage tank
  • Chile


    Land: Chili Oberfläche: - Product: Complete installation
  • Polen


    Land: Poland Oberfläche: 11.000 m² Product: Tomato's
  • De Bazaar

    De Bazaar

    Land: Netherlands Oberfläche: 12.700 m² Product: Market hall
  • Okidoki


    Land: Netherlands Oberfläche: 720 m² Product: -

Watch now the new video of our project: Clay Lake, United Kingdom. Phase 8: Growing & Commisioning. https://t.co/rQsuIURkXq

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